Saturday, 2 April 2016

Why Desi Cow Club

Why Cow Club:

A recent investigation (in 2013) by the Tehelka magazine arrived at the conclusion that in 10 years, India will be forced to start importing milk, and that the Indian cow will cease to exist. Why? Due to several reasons:
  1. India, over the past few decades, imported several exotic cow varieties to gain a boost in milk production. These breeds theoretically produce a lot of milk, but are not well-adapted to Indian conditions.
  2. 69% of Indian cows are owned by the economically poor strata of the society. These folks cannot afford to house the exotic breeds in regulated climate conditions.
  3. Because of significantly mismanaged cow breeding, the average milk yield per cow in India is just 3.2 kgs, compared to a global average of 6.6 kgs. The dairy policy and outlook is highly outdated and needs to be replaced with modern, evidence-based thinking.
Highlights of the Tharparkar Cow Club:
  • This is First Tharparkar Cow Club in Maharashtra
  • Tharparkar cows brought from Rajashtan (along Indo-Pak border)
  • The Cow Club is spread over 3 acres of land in Bukum (about 10 kms from Chandni Chowk, Pune)
  • Today (7-Nov-2015), the club has 120+ cattle (39 cows, 16 bulls, 45 heifers and 24 calves)
  • Along with religious value, the club has adopted science and technology and has created an economical model in cow farming
  • Cow Club is based on the concept of Mukta Gotha – Cows are free to move around. They are not tied at one place for the whole day.
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